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Free university celebrates first birthday

On the 10th May the Age newspaper shared MFU’s 1st birthday celebrations with its readers: FREE university might sound like a relic of Australia’s past, but a group of keen scholars recently gathered to celebrate the first birthday of Melbourne Free University, a community project with an enthusiastic following. The MFU was launched by three [...]

MFU interview on 88.3 Southern FM

MFU’s Gerhard Hoffstaedter will be interviewed by Lee Cummins on the ‘Coffee Chat show’ on Southern FM on Monday 28 Feb at 9am. You can ‘live stream’ the show through or listen on your FM radio in the southern, south-eastern and bayside suburbs of Melbourne on 88.3FM

MFU in the news

Education is not just about getting a job Knowledge for its own sake seems to have lost its currency in a world where “outcomes” have become the goal of tertiary education. But education without a necessary career goal should be valued, which is why on May 1, the Melbourne Free University, co-founded by Jasmine-Kim Westendorf, [...]