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MFU Podcast 9.1
“Racism: a Brief History”

“Racism: a Brief History” by Aurelien Mondon part of the ‘Racism in the 21st century’ course recorded on the 17th of February 2011

MFU Podcast 6.1
“On Equality”

“On Equality” by Aurelien Mondon part of the ‘I (heart) Philosophy’ course recorded on the 29th of September 2010

MFU Podcast 3.1
“The Recent Return to an Exclusivist View of ‘Australianity’”

Lecture Title: The Recent Return to an Exclusivist View of ‘Australianity’ Lecturer: Aurelien Mondon Course: Australian Issues? Recorded: 3rd of August 2010

Free university celebrates first birthday

On the 10th May the Age newspaper shared MFU’s 1st birthday celebrations with its readers: FREE university might sound like a relic of Australia’s past, but a group of keen scholars recently gathered to celebrate the first birthday of Melbourne Free University, a community project with an enthusiastic following. The MFU was launched by three [...]

2011 recordings online

The recordings from our 2011 lectures are now online. You can find them [ here ] with all of our past lectures. Enjoy!

Gratis campus for all

A FREE university has sprung up in Melbourne’s inner-north aiming to promote ‘learning for learning’s sake’. Up to 40 people a week have been attending Melbourne Free University classes on philosophy, sociology and cinema in Clifton Hill and North Carlton. Co-founder Gerhard Hoffstaedter has a traditional academic background, with a PhD in anthropology and sociology [...]

MFU in the news

Education is not just about getting a job Knowledge for its own sake seems to have lost its currency in a world where “outcomes” have become the goal of tertiary education. But education without a necessary career goal should be valued, which is why on May 1, the Melbourne Free University, co-founded by Jasmine-Kim Westendorf, [...]

First Seminars – 1 May 2010

Contemporary Australian Issues 1 May 2010 � 12pm � 4.30pm Australia�s Role in the World – 12pm Conny Lenneberg � Director of Policy and Programs, World Vision Australia Clovis Mwamba �Psychologist, Linguist and Parliamentarian in exile from the RDC Jodi Newcombe – Manager of States and Regions Program, The Climate Group Jasmine-Kim Westendorf � Researcher [...]

The ‘Devil’ in Haiti

A few days after the earthquake, Pat Robertson, a sexist, racist, homophobic American preacher, declared Haitians themselves were to blame for the disaster as they had sworn �a pact to [sic] the Devil�. Sometimes it is hard not to believe that the �Devil� has played a role in Haiti�s plight. However, no pact was ever [...]

Our Haitian Hypocrisy

In January, in the wake of the Haitian earthquake, The Age published a piece by Chris Berg, from the Right-wing think-tank Institute of Public Affairs. Berg argued that the only thing Haitians need now is to ‘get away from Haiti’. For Berg, Haiti is a lost cause, and intrinsically unable to develop. … Aurelien Mondon [...]