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Politics, Pruning and Paint: Case studies in Art History

Tue 19 Feb 2013

The course will explore an eclectic range of subjects in art history. Meandering from Renaissance art and its contemporary re-appropriation, to the history and social dynamics of life drawing, to photography, iconography and beyond, this series will question what art tells us about society, while revelling in a whole lot of sumptuous art.

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Classics of Crime Fiction

Tue 23 Apr 2013

Detective fiction is a form of story developed in the nineteenth century to respond to the new threats and anxieties of urban society. In London, the largest of the new great cities of Western mercantile society, where nobody knew anyone else reliably, and any hand might be against your property or your life, the police were established as a rea ...

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Australian History and Society

Wed 03 Dec 2014

This course will use stories and case studies to give students an overview of key events and themes in Australian history. These stories will give students a greater understanding of current debates and contemporary society. Topics covered will include Aboriginal histories and culture, colonization, diversity and immigration, women, wars, stolen ...

Indigenous perspectives: past and present

Thu 18 Aug 2011

Speakers from various backgrounds will discuss the many forms of Australian indigeneity, and their relevance to our society.


MFU@City Square

Tue 06 Dec 2011

In the context of the global Occupy movement, questions of how our economy, society and politics could be organised differently have once again taken centre stage. This series of seminars will invite speakers to explore radical practical ideas on how our world might be, in relation to topics as diverse as inequality, Indigenous politics, democra ...

What’s going on in West Africa: Conflict, crime & consequence across the Sahel

Thu 08 Mar 2018

The region of West Africa faces by a multitude of security challenges. Governments from relatively small nations such as Liberia to behemoths like Nigeria are struggling to contain myriad threats an ...

Gender Wars: The Military, Guns & Women

Under the Gun: Small arms, the arms trade and violence against women

Tue 27 Aug 2013

Today, there are 900 million guns in circulation in the world. Of these, 75% are in the hands of individuals -most of whom are men. Currently all countries in the world import small arms, and many manufacture them, including Australia. Given that Australia now has the same level of gun ownership as it did at the time of the Port Arthur Massacre, ha ...

Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Australia in the Anthropocene: Climate change, coal, and crisis calls

Thu 27 Nov 2014

Dr Lauren Rickards: Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute (Melbourne Uni)

Politics, Pruning and Paint: Case studies in Art History

The Politics of Gardening

Tue 26 Feb 2013

The way that nature has been shaped into landscapes and gardens has often been a political act that aimed to promote a personal or national identity. Gardens are symbols of a society's attitude to nature and to the social order (for instance, who is allowed in and who is not). Political messages are often woven through the landscapes of gardens whe ...

Latin American Update

How Latinos are Transforming US (& Latin American) Politics, Culture and Society

Thu 07 Apr 2016

Economics for Everyone

Wither Capitalism?

Thu 28 Mar 2013

What sort of political, social and economic systems are appropriate for the 21st century? What sort of economy can address problems of environmental constraint and increasing inequality and lead to a more flourishing and cohesive society? Is it a case of refining existing economic and political institutions or is more comprehensive change required? ...

Asia-Pacific and Us: Australia In the Region

Asia-Pacific and us: Australia in the region

Thu 30 Sep 2010

We will discuss the history of Australia's engagement with the world, especially the Asia-Pacific region, highlighting the shifts in policy, flows of people into and out of Australia, the social changes in the region and then identify the main actors involved in the often complex interactions (ranging from government departments such as AusAID and ...

Media Ethics: New And Old Dilemmas

The Role of Information: Secrets, Wikileaks and Freedom

Mon 09 Dec 2013

The way information is stored, used, and accessed in an open society presents a contradiction. The theory behind a healthy democracy is based in a vibrant media and publishing industry. But what happens when the source that discloses such material is punished? There are those who argue that state security is paramount in preserving a certain 'way o ...