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Racism in the 21st century

Thu 17 Feb 2011

This course will provide a variety of approaches to better understand the concept of racism in the 21st century. Lectures will deal with history, theory and practice. 


Racism in the 21st century

Indigeneity, Whiteness, and the Politics of Anti-racism

Thu 24 Feb 2011

Racism in the 21st century

The Impact of Racism in Australia

Thu 24 Mar 2011

Racism in the 21st century

Racism: a Brief History

Thu 17 Feb 2011

Contemporary Australian Issues

Race Relations in Australia

Sat 01 May 2010

In regard to its indigenous population and to non-European immigrants, Australia was a deeply racially divided country from its settlement until 1972, when the Whitlam government symbolically opened a new era in Australia’s race relations by abolishing the White Australia Policy. The bipartisan effort to reject the racist bias which had been offici ...

History Matters

Graphic Distortions: The Comic Misadventures of Cartoonist Eric Jolliffe’s Witchetty’s Tribe (as read against 18C and other Whiteman Hissyfits)

Thu 06 Apr 2017

n 1980 cartoonist Eric Jolliffe was the subject of a Federal Anti-Discrimination Board case over a cartoon published in the Permanent Building Association's monthly magazine, Corroboree. The cartoon depicted a voluptuous young woman wearing only a bra on her bottom and was captioned ‘It's a white man's garment she got from the missionary's wife’. J ...