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The Politics of Myth

Tue 12 Jun 2012

In stories, images and casual references, around the names of mythic figures (whether they really existed or not) there cluster through time a remarkably changing series of ideas, concepts, obsessions, all with some social and so political m ...

Progressive Politics: What’s Left?

Tue 28 Aug 2012

What is progressivism and how does it map onto the issues and ideas that drive Australian politics? Join our speakers as they grapple with the competing priorities of people who call themselves progressive and the hard decisions they have to make at election time.


Politics, Pruning and Paint: Case studies in Art History

Tue 19 Feb 2013

The course will explore an eclectic range of subjects in art history. Meandering from Renaissance art and its contemporary re-appropriation, to the history and social dynamics of life drawing, to photography, iconography and beyond, this series will question what art tells us about society, while revelling in a whole lot of sumptuous art.

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On Drugs

Thu 10 Oct 2013

Australians are world leaders in recreational drug use, but we seem chronically incapable of an honest appraisal of the issues this raises. The 'war on drugs' paradigm dominates the mainstream while drug-taking subcultures flourish at the margins: something has to give. Through an examination of the history, politics, law, science and culture of ...

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Global Politics

Wed 26 Mar 2014

We live in a pivotal moment in modern history, where political, economic and environmental forces are combining to drive great change across human societies. This course introduces students to important issues shaping this historic moment in international affairs. The student group will work together to learn basic skills of political analysis b ...

Sustainability and Permaculture

Thu 05 Aug 2010

This course will look broadly at the debates around sustainability, locating it within the broader discourse of environmental politics, and then exploring a number of different types of sustainability. The sessions will be complemented by at least one practical permaculture workshop, which will be run by Permablitz Melbourne, and will explore th ...

Free Winter Film Course

Tue 14 Jun 2011

An introduction to the politics of representation and aesthetics in cinema.


The Politics of Madness: Listening to lived experience

Sat 29 Oct 2011

This series will discuss mental distress/madness from the perspective of people with lived experience. The voices of eother experts have been dominating community understanding of 'mental health' - this is a chance to engage differently. 


MFU@City Square

Tue 06 Dec 2011

In the context of the global Occupy movement, questions of how our economy, society and politics could be organised differently have once again taken centre stage. This series of seminars will invite speakers to explore radical practical ideas on how our world might be, in relation to topics as diverse as inequality, Indigenous politics, democra ...

Women in philosophy

Thu 03 Sep 2015

Is what we think, say and write inherently gendered? Why does the activist need philosophy? Where are we at with the whole “body/mind” thing? This course will introduce and explore the work of some of the greatest modern thinkers - philosophers who have opened up new possibilities in politics, language, gender, identity and ethic ...

The Politics of Myth 2016

Thu 18 Feb 2016

While most commentators on myth like to speak about ancient curiosities, such as Aztec or Sumerian myths, or the now disconnected traditions of the classical world, there is in fact a wide range of mythic figures from the European past which still mean a good deal. The nine figures discussed in Stephen Knight’s new book THE POLITICS OF MYT ...

War and Peace in Syria: Where to now?

Thu 09 Jun 2016

The recent breakdown of the cessation of hostilities in Syria has potentially ushered in a new and even darker phase of the Syrian civil war. The increase in aerial assaults on Aleppo and other rebel-held areas over the last few weeks has led many to speculate that the regime of Bashar al-Assad is manoeuvring for an end-game. But is this the cas ...

Psychoanalysis is...

Thu 11 Aug 2016

Psychoanalysis is one of the most influential and enduring intellectual traditions of the past century. Many diverse tendencies have emerged from the clinical and theoretical work of visionaries such as Sigmund Freud and Jacques Lacan. Adherents and critics of these movements have helped shape the development of psychology, art, philosophy, busi ...

Millennial Citizens in the Age of Trump

Wed 07 Dec 2016

The recent election of Donald Trump in the US shook the world and affirmed the ascendancy of populist right-wing movements globally. Yet, amid the triumphs of figures like Trump, Hanson, Farage, Uribe and Duterte in polls this year, another political phenomenon is taking shape. In electorates around the world, Millennials are ...

Diasporas in Action

Thu 02 Feb 2017

We belong to a world of people on the move - in 2015, 244 million people lived outside their country of origin, including 20 million refugees. These migrants often create vibrant diaspora communities that can become agents of social, political, cultural and economic change in both  the homelands they have left behind and in the societies th ...

Syrian refugees in Jordan

Thu 11 May 2017

After seven years of war, Syria’s closest neighbours continue to bear the brunt of the refugee crisis the conflict has spawned. Jordan, to the south, now hosts over 600,000 refugees that have fled Syria. Zaatari, one of the world’s largest refugee camps, houses 80,000 of them. The recent influx of Syrians adds to the already large number of disp ...

Identity and Politics

Thu 21 Sep 2017

Identity politics: either you love it or you hate it (or at least, that’s what the media would have us believe).

In reality, things are more complicated. Identities are at the heart of politics; so much of how we make sense of the world around us, and the social movements we operate within, is shaped by the ways we understand identitie ...

Identity and Politics

Social movements and identity politics: Contested spaces and intellectual history

Thu 21 Sep 2017

Contemporary Australian Issues

Race Relations in Australia

Sat 01 May 2010

In regard to its indigenous population and to non-European immigrants, Australia was a deeply racially divided country from its settlement until 1972, when the Whitlam government symbolically opened a new era in Australia’s race relations by abolishing the White Australia Policy. The bipartisan effort to reject the racist bias which had been offici ...

Identity and Politics

Social media spaces and identity politics

Thu 28 Sep 2017

MFU@City Square

On Climate Change and Environmental Politics

Tue 13 Dec 2011

Free Winter Film Course

The Politics of Apocalyptic-Zombie Horror Films

Tue 12 Jul 2011

Night of the Living Dead 1968 (Dir. George A. Romero)

MFU@City Square

Money in Politics: The Challenge for Democracy

Tue 24 Jan 2012

History Matters

Speaking in grids: the order of language from slums to Marvellous Melbourne

Thu 23 Mar 2017

We walk through Melbourne's many grids of streets everyday, but have you ever stopped to think about how these grids shape the language/s in which we speak? This lecture explores the spatial order of language in 1890s Melbourne, from the slums of Little Lon to the prestige of Collins Street, and how it this order was made through the colonisation o ...

Identity and Politics

Identities, politics and intersectionality

Thu 19 Oct 2017

Progressive Politics: What’s Left?

Progressive politics and the media: The view from the New Media crossroads.

Tue 04 Sep 2012

The Naked Brunch: Food, Consumption & Culture

A revolution in an eggcup? Celebrity chefs, ethical consumption and lifestyle politics

Thu 20 Sep 2012

Celebrity chefs have become the somewhat unlikely cultural icons of our time. In this talk I discuss the impact that figures like Jamie Oliver have had on the way we think about cooking, eating and sourcing our food, focusing in particular on the way he has used his branded identity to promote healthy and ethical forms of consumption.

All creatures great and small: animals and us

Not a dog: The history, vilification and politics of Dingoes

Thu 25 Apr 2013

Dingos have held a special place in the psyche of Australians, particularly since the Chamberlain case. But the fear we have of them, and the narratives that have developed about their nature and interaction with humans does not reflect reality. Lyn will talk about the history of dingoes in Australia, their treatment by humans, and the political ...

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Global Politics

Global Environmental Politics

Wed 21 May 2014

Millennial Citizens in the Age of Trump

Millennial Citizens in the Age of Trump

Wed 07 Dec 2016

The recent election of Donald Trump in the US shook the world and affirmed the ascendancy of populist right-wing movements globally. Yet, amid the triumphs of figures like Trump, Hanson, Farage, Uribe and Duterte in polls this year, another political phenomenon is taking shape. In electorates around the world, Millennials are emerging as a constitu ...

Identity and Politics

Feminist dialogue with identity politics

Thu 12 Oct 2017

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Global Politics

What is politics?

Wed 03 Dec 2014

All creatures great and small: animals and us

The happy hen on your supermarket shelf: What do you buy when you buy free range eggs?

Thu 16 May 2013

The rise of the "free range" egg appeals to consumers' feelings that they don't want to be complicit in the suffering of animals. But the meaning of the label "free range" varies widely - and so does the relationships it represents between consumers, retailers, suppliers, farmers, hens and, ultimately, the earth and sun. In this session we will que ...

Free Winter Film Course

‘Voice’ and Politics in Indian Documentary Film

Tue 28 Jun 2011

The Politics of Myth 2016

The Politics of Myth

Thu 18 Feb 2016

MFU 4 Asylum Seekers: Australian History and Society


Wed 23 Apr 2014

Politics, Pruning and Paint: Case studies in Art History

The Politics of Gardening

Tue 26 Feb 2013

The way that nature has been shaped into landscapes and gardens has often been a political act that aimed to promote a personal or national identity. Gardens are symbols of a society's attitude to nature and to the social order (for instance, who is allowed in and who is not). Political messages are often woven through the landscapes of gardens whe ...

MFU@City Square

Utopia, Fantasy and Reality in Radical Politics

Tue 14 Feb 2012

Latin American Update

How Latinos are Transforming US (& Latin American) Politics, Culture and Society

Thu 07 Apr 2016

Identity and Politics

How not to talk about identity politics

Thu 02 Nov 2017

The Media: What does the future hold?

Media, public and politics: Who is in charge and were is the power?

Wed 11 Jan 2012

Racism in the 21st century

Indigeneity, Whiteness, and the Politics of Anti-racism

Thu 24 Feb 2011

Ethics and Morality in the 21st Century

Universal Differences?

Sat 05 Jun 2010

Ours is a world in which ‘truth’ shares equal footing with ‘opinion’, where ‘equality’ is at odds with liberty, where ‘difference’ is held up as sacrosanct and ‘plurality’ is strictly – often brutally – enforced. As such, can we still speak of such a thing as ‘universality’ today? Focusing on the most famous contemporary invocation of universality, ...