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The Politics of Myth

Tue 12 Jun 2012

In stories, images and casual references, around the names of mythic figures (whether they really existed or not) there cluster through time a remarkably changing series of ideas, concepts, obsessions, all with some social and so political m ...

Classics of Crime Fiction

Tue 23 Apr 2013

Detective fiction is a form of story developed in the nineteenth century to respond to the new threats and anxieties of urban society. In London, the largest of the new great cities of Western mercantile society, where nobody knew anyone else reliably, and any hand might be against your property or your life, the police were established as a rea ...

The Politics of Myth 2016

Thu 18 Feb 2016

While most commentators on myth like to speak about ancient curiosities, such as Aztec or Sumerian myths, or the now disconnected traditions of the classical world, there is in fact a wide range of mythic figures from the European past which still mean a good deal. The nine figures discussed in Stephen Knight’s new book THE POLITICS OF MYT ...

Gender Wars: The Military, Guns & Women

Bombshells: Nuclear disarmament & Australian anti-war movements

Sat 09 Mar 2013

The mythology goes, that the Australian national identity was born on the shores of Gallipoli, carved by “rough men”, serving lofty deals of “mateship” and national service, and personal sacrifice. This characterization inherently excludes the stories, people and events of women, indigenous peoples and those opposed to Australian military expeditio ...

The Politics of Myth

Bennelong (and Boney and Jandawarra)

Tue 10 Jul 2012

One way of looking at relations with Australia’s indigenous people is to compare mythically different figures, the `first contact’ figure Bennelong, the imaginary `Boney’ and the actual criminal -- or tragic -- figure of Jandawarra.

The Politics of Myth

Shakespeare (and the Earl of X and Jonson and Garrick and cultural capital)

Tue 26 Jun 2012

The plays and poems would be enough for a wise author myth, but on top of thatcomes the insistence from many apparently sane people that he didn’t write them anyway.

The Politics of Myth

Ned Kelly (and the family and the police and the continuing debate)

Tue 17 Jul 2012

The great Australian criminal myth is based on Ned Kelly versus the police and the state: he still causes deep-seated differences of opinion, or feeling.

All creatures great and small: animals and us

Animals and the social imaginary: Racing and rescuing greyhounds

Thu 23 May 2013

While animals are flesh and blood social actors, they are also rich vectors for human imaginings. Animal are found in allegory, metaphor, origin stories, national myths, and all sorts of human narratives. In this talk Ray Madden will be looking at some of the ways in which animals are socially constructed and how animals do an enormous amount of sy ...

The Politics of Myth

Sherlock Holmes (and Watson and Irene Adler and the countless imitations)

Tue 24 Jul 2012

The rather complex myth of Sherlock Holmes is, what with drugs, urban angst and gender tensions, vigorously alive today.

The Politics of Myth 2016

The Politics of Myth

Thu 18 Feb 2016