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Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place

Thu 27 Feb 2014

This course examines Melbourne’s music culture with a particular focus on the way music works to generate memories. We welcome some of the city’s finest songwriters, musicians, radio presenters, venue owners, and academics to the MFU to discuss their involvement in Melbourne music and to explore the relationship between music, memory ...

Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place

Trying to make sense of it all: lI've music and conclusions on music, memory, place'

Tue 04 Mar 2014

Stuart Grant specialises in Performance Philosophy, particularly Phenomenology. Stuart believes that phenomenology gives an immediacy of access to the materiality of performance, to the bodies, voices, props, sets, audiences, places, times and meanings of which performances are made. His primary practice research specialisation is site-specific per ...

Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place

Recollections from near and far: Music in a political and global context

Thu 27 Feb 2014

Since 1988, Hugo Race has lived in Italy, Germany and Australia touring internationally. Originally from the 1980's Melbourne post-punk music scene, Hugo’s various collaborations and bands spread over several continents. Join us as we begin our exploration of music, memory and place by presenting some reflections and recollections of a distinguishe ...

The past is present: history, culture and conflict

In women’s words: Gender, memory, and violence in Timor-Leste

Thu 13 Oct 2016

Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place

A special music, memory, place panel

Thu 13 Mar 2014

David Bridie is a uniquely Australian songwriter and musician. David is a founding member of Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake’; as well as being an acclaimed solo artist and composer. David’s songs have provided a ruthlessly honest musical mirror to Australia’s complex national character, geography, and wry personal insights in ...