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Who We Are

Poetry & sex: medieval to post-modern

Tue 15 Oct 2013

If you love reading, want to know more about poetry in English and beyond, study literature or just feel a bit sexy, join us for this series of talks and discussions on how language has been used as an extension of the body.


Dam busting and other true stories about publishing

Tue 09 May 2017

With access to the internet, it’s easy to imagine that a world of stories is at our fingertips. In fact, our access to authentic and diverse cultural narratives is blocked by colonial monopolies that have fettered the free movement of world narratives for hundreds of years. Readers trying to wade their way through new story platforms like Wattpa ...

Welcome to the Anthropocene!

Ice, fire and flood: Science fiction and the Anthropocene

Thu 20 Nov 2014

Professor Emeritus Andrew Milner: English and Comparative Literature (Monash)