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Who We Are

Indigenous perspectives: past and present

Thu 18 Aug 2011

Speakers from various backgrounds will discuss the many forms of Australian indigeneity, and their relevance to our society.


MFU@City Square

Tue 06 Dec 2011

In the context of the global Occupy movement, questions of how our economy, society and politics could be organised differently have once again taken centre stage. This series of seminars will invite speakers to explore radical practical ideas on how our world might be, in relation to topics as diverse as inequality, Indigenous politics, democra ...

Gender Wars: The Military, Guns & Women

Bombshells: Nuclear disarmament & Australian anti-war movements

Sat 09 Mar 2013

The mythology goes, that the Australian national identity was born on the shores of Gallipoli, carved by “rough men”, serving lofty deals of “mateship” and national service, and personal sacrifice. This characterization inherently excludes the stories, people and events of women, indigenous peoples and those opposed to Australian military expeditio ...

The Politics of Myth

Bennelong (and Boney and Jandawarra)

Tue 10 Jul 2012

One way of looking at relations with Australia’s indigenous people is to compare mythically different figures, the `first contact’ figure Bennelong, the imaginary `Boney’ and the actual criminal -- or tragic -- figure of Jandawarra.

Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place

A special music, memory, place panel

Thu 13 Mar 2014

David Bridie is a uniquely Australian songwriter and musician. David is a founding member of Not Drowning, Waving and My Friend the Chocolate Cake’; as well as being an acclaimed solo artist and composer. David’s songs have provided a ruthlessly honest musical mirror to Australia’s complex national character, geography, and wry personal insights in ...

Indigenous perspectives: past and present

On terra nullius, Indigenous sovereignty and the black GST

Thu 18 Aug 2011

Contemporary Australian Issues

Race Relations in Australia

Sat 01 May 2010

In regard to its indigenous population and to non-European immigrants, Australia was a deeply racially divided country from its settlement until 1972, when the Whitlam government symbolically opened a new era in Australia’s race relations by abolishing the White Australia Policy. The bipartisan effort to reject the racist bias which had been offici ...

Indigenous perspectives: past and present

Lessons from others: what can we learn from taking an international perspective on Indigenous issues

Thu 25 Aug 2011