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Love and Sex in the 21st century: The theory and practice of personal relationships

Youth sexuality: Sex and relationships education, peer education and the new national curriculum.

Tue 25 Feb 2014

Middle East Mediated


Wed 10 Sep 2014

Brian Stoddart: Former Vice-Chancellor and Emeritus Professor at La Trobe and higher education advisor on World Bank, Asian development bank and EU development projects in the Middle East and Southeast Asia Firas Massouh: Arabic translator and writer who is currently finishing his Masters dissertation on Syrian political dissident Yassin al Haj ...

Politics, Pruning and Paint: Case studies in Art History

Models, Mannequins and Muses

Tue 19 Mar 2013

The idea of the female artists’ muse has been a central figment of Western European painting and the tradition of the fine art nude. However, a closer examination of the practices of life modeling, art education and figurative painting reveal a complex array of differing bodies and genders at work behind and in front of the easel. In this talk I w ...

Design and Cultural Invention

Home: Rethinking A Place To Call Your Own

Tue 30 Jul 2013

As a result of the industrial revolution, most of the important work that used to take place at home—thinking, production, education—was removed to specialised places called offices, factories and schools. The home was reduced to a place for recreation and consumption. The work done at home (mostly women's work) demeaned as "housework". And the hom ...

Refugee Realities: Risk, Rights and Resettlement

Workshop: Refugee communities: from within, not without. Methods for participatory consultation with displaced people.

Tue 11 Oct 2011

May Maloney has kindly provided us with the links to the training slides, reports on the methodology, and information on the outcomes of dialogues with women she worked with. The training slides are all on the University of New South Wales' Centre for Refugee Research website. Can be referenced as the last set of slides on this site: ...

I (heart) Philosophy - 2011

On Badiou and Education

Tue 22 Mar 2011