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Dam busting and other true stories about publishing

Tue 09 May 2017

With access to the internet, it’s easy to imagine that a world of stories is at our fingertips. In fact, our access to authentic and diverse cultural narratives is blocked by colonial monopolies that have fettered the free movement of world narratives for hundreds of years. Readers trying to wade their way through new story platforms like Wattpad, or purchase books through the US/UK dominated Amazon and Book Depository may not be aware of the ...

Cleaning up India: Modi's quest

Thu 30 Jun 2016

No country in the world faces the problems of garbage and waste that India does. With a population density 2.5 times greater than China’s and 30 per cent of people now living in rapidly growing cities, there’s urgency about India’s confrontation with the steady rise of middle-class, throwaway life. That’s why the new Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, used Mahatma Gandhi’s birthday on 2 October 2014, to declare that o ...

Cleaning up India: Modi's quest

Cleaning up India: Modi's quest

Thu 30 Jun 2016

Asia-Pacific and Us: Australia In the Region

India: Rising Star or Failing Giant

Thu 21 Oct 2010

Design and Cultural Invention

Islamic Architecture: Meaning, Functions & Symbols

Tue 16 Jul 2013

The rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, the Levant, Arab Maghreb, Turkey, Iran, Spain and India brought with it a specific sort of architecture. This talk will explore the role and form of architecture in Islamic civilisations, how the relationship between time and space differs amongst Islamic countries, the concept of private and public space, and the mysterious symbols which lie beneath the rich decoration of Islamic architecture. ...

Free Winter Film Course

‘Voice’ and Politics in Indian Documentary Film

Tue 28 Jun 2011

Contemporary Australian Issues

Race Relations in Australia

Sat 01 May 2010

In regard to its indigenous population and to non-European immigrants, Australia was a deeply racially divided country from its settlement until 1972, when the Whitlam government symbolically opened a new era in Australia’s race relations by abolishing the White Australia Policy. The bipartisan effort to reject the racist bias which had been official for most of Australia’s existence seemed threatened in the 1990s with the rise of Pauline Hanson ...