I (heart) Philosophy

This course will explore some of the issues and questions that have occupied the minds of both philosophers and regular people for millennia. A range of speakers from different philosophical backgrounds will start the sessions off with a 45 minute lecture, which will be followed by an 45 minute open discussion.

When: Wednesday 29th September – 3rd November 2010 6.30 – 8:00pm
Venue: Dexter Cafe in Clifton Hill (123 Queens Parade)
Co-ordinators: Jasmine-Kim Westendorf & Gerhard Hoffstaedter

week 1

29th of September 2010

On Equality
(Aurelien Mondon, La Trobe University)

week 2

6th of October 2010

On Justice
(Miriam Bankovsky, La Trobe University and John Langer, Victoria University)

week 3

13th of October 2010

On Morality
(Christopher Cordner, Melbourne University)

week 4

20th of October 2010

On Democracy
(Justin Clemens, Melbourne University)

week 5

27th of October 2010

On Love
(Michael Elligate)

week 6

3rd of November 2010

On Truth
(Gregory McCormick, Melbourne College of Divinity)
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