We have lecture recordings for most of the MFU courses, special seminars and special courses so if you missed out on any or want to hear them again, search through this list and click on the link. The MFU’s Lecture recordings are also available on our Melbourne Free University iTunes page.

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Activists, Activism and Change
All Creatures Great & Small: Animals and Us
Angles and Angels: Medieval and Modern Literacies
Asia-Pacific and Us: Australia In the Region
Australia’s role in the world
Australian Identities?
Australian Nationalism and Indigineity
Classics of Crime Fiction
Contagious Strikes
Contemporary Australian Issues
Controversies On Film
Demilitarisation and nonviolence
Design and Cultural Invention
Economics for Everyone
Education Trauma Violence
Energy sustainability and climate change
Ethics and Morality in the 21st Century
Everybody Deserves a Place at the Table
Food and production sustainability
Free Winter Film Course
From White Australia to Multiculturalism: Failure or Success?
How to Start a Free University
I (heart) Philosophy 2010
I (heart) Philosophy 2011
Indigenous perspectives: past and present
International Women’s Day
The Law of the Land
Love and Sex in the 21st Centuary
The Media: What does the future hold?
Melbourne: Music, Memory, Place
MFU@City Square
Middle East Mediated
Moneyshot: A journey into porn and censorship
The Naked Brunch
On Drugs
On Equality
On Language
Philosophy and the Divine: God in Western Thought
Poetry & sex: medieval to post-modern
The Politics of Madness: Listening to lived experience
The Politics of Myth
Politics, Pruning and Paint: Case Studies in Art History
The Positive Potential of Australian Nationalism
Progressive Politics
Race Relations in Australia
Racism in the 21st century
Raging Against The Rich
The Recent Return to an Exclusivist View of ‘Australianity’
The Refugee ‘Issue’ and Australian Nationalism
Refugee Realities:
Risk, Rights and Resettlement

Religious Truth Claims
Robin Hood & Maid Marian
Structures of Inequality: Men, Women and Power on the Streets
Sustainability and Permaculture
Toolangi: Tales from the forest
Universal Differences?
Uni What?
Urban sustainability
Voices from the South
War and Peace
What If? 2011
What If? 2012
What is sustainability?
What is the connection between the oppression of women and animals?
Where The Bad Things Are
Why Read Poetry?