Violence Against Women: Policy, Research and Practice in Prevention

When: Tuesday 25 November 2014, 6.30-8pm
Venue: The Alderman (upstairs) 134 Lygon St East Brunswick
Format: 45 minute panel discussion, 45 minute open discussion
Speakers: Alison Macdonald, Bob Pease and Ada Conroy

(special seminar)

Tuesday 25 November 2014; 6:30 – 8pm

Violence Against Women: Policy, Research and Practice in Prevention
Alison Macdonald (Domestic Violence Victoria), Bob Pease (Deakin Uni) and Ada Conroy (family violence specialist)

Australia is known as a peaceful country, yet almost 40% of Australian women have experienced violence from a man during their adult life. And while managing risk in public spaces becomes routine for most girls from a young age, for the majority of women who experience violence it happens within their own homes. One Australian woman dies each week as a result of domestic violence, and it is the leading cause of illness, death and injury among women under 45.

However, after decades of protest, lobbying, research and reform, women’s safety is an issue that refuses to remain hidden in the shadows or behind closed doors. Violence against women has been propelled into the limelight of political debate around the world. Public authorities regard it as a human rights disaster and a global “pandemic” having massive implications for public health, economic well-being and political stability in every nation – while for feminists, the liberation of women remains an urgent struggle.

On 25 November – the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women – the Melbourne Free University invites experts from across the policy, research and direct service domains to discuss the progress and the prospects for eliminating violence against women.

  • Alison Macdonald is the Policy and Program Manager with Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic). DV Vic is the peak body for family / domestic violence services in Victoria that provide support to women and children to live free from violence. With the safety and the best interests of women and children as central, DV Vic provides leadership to change and enhance systems that prevent and respond to family violence. She has previously worked in the sexual and reproductive health and international development fields.
  • Bob Pease is Professor of Critical Social Work at Deakin University in Geelong, Australia. He has been involved in profeminist politics with men for many years and was a founding member of Men Against Sexual Assault in Melbourne. He has published extensively on masculinity politics and critical social work practice, including four books as single author and ten books as co-editor, as well as numerous book chapters and journal articles. His most recent books include: Undoing Privilege: Unearned Advantage in a Divided World (Zed 2010), Men and Masculinities Around the World: Transforming Men’s Practices (co-editor, Palgrave 2011). Men, Masculinities and Methodologies (co-editor, Palgrave 2013) and The Politics of Recognition and Social Justice: Transforming Subjectivities and New Forms of Resistance (co-editor, Routledge 2014).
  • Ada Conroy has worked in women’s services for 15 years, specialising in family violence for most of that time. She is currently a family violence trainer, project worker, men’s behaviour change practitioner and consultant.