Jasmine-Kim Westendorf interviewed on John fayne’s ABC programme


Jasmine Westendorf, Asher Treleaven, Matina Jewell, Waleed Aly (Samantha Stayner - ABC Local Radio)

Asher Treleaven is a Melbourne based Comedian who recently performed his show Matador at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Major Matina Jewell (Retired) is the recipient of six Australian Defence Force service medals and two war decorations from the Lebanese Government. She is a member of the Federal Commission for the ANZAC Centenary and the Ambassador of the Australian Peacekeeper and Peacemakers Veterans Association. Her memoir is called “Caught in the Crossfire’ and has just been published by Allen and Unwin.

Jasmine-Kim Westendorf is a Co founder of Melbourne Free University. One of the courses this year is called ‘War and Peace’ which examines why conflicts turn into wars, how wars play out, and how they can be resolved or avoided. The course runs from 5 April to 19 May at Dexter Cafe.

Words by Amber Tripp