Special Seminar:
Piers Gooding and Flick Grey ‘The Politics of Madness’

When: Wednesday 18th May, 6.30 – 8pm
Venue: Dexter bar/cafe, 123 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill.
Co-ordinator: Piers Gooding and Flick Grey

(special seminar)

Wednesday 18th May, 6.30-8pm

The Politics Of Madness
(Piers Gooding and Flick Grey)
After our wildly successful special session ‘on Porn’ last month, which generated much heated discussion, we’ve decided to run similar once-off sessions each month, so that we can keep opening up space for conversations on salient current topics beyond those covered by our courses.
So, we’re very pleased to announce that our next special seminar will happen on Wednesday 18 May, with Piers Gooding (Monash Uni) and Flick Grey (Our Consumer Place) speaking on the Politics of Madness. It promises to be a fantastic event, looking at issues around madness, mad-pride, mental health issues and services, the consumer movement and much more.
2011 MFU courses - first semester poster