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Venue for the First Seminar

The first seminar on Contemporary Australian issues will take place at: North Carlton Railway Station Neighbourhood House 20 Solly Ave, North Carlton VIC 3054 It will be held on 1 May from 12 to 4.30

Germaine Greer’s utopia

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The ‘Devil’ in Haiti

A few days after the earthquake, Pat Robertson, a sexist, racist, homophobic American preacher, declared Haitians themselves were to blame for the disaster as they had sworn ‘a pact to [sic] the Devil’. Sometimes it is hard not to believe that the ‘Devil’ has played a role in Haiti’s plight. However, no pact was ever [...]

Our Haitian Hypocrisy

In January, in the wake of the Haitian earthquake, The Age published a piece by Chris Berg, from the Right-wing think-tank Institute of Public Affairs. Berg argued that the only thing Haitians need now is to ‘get away from Haiti’. For Berg, Haiti is a lost cause, and intrinsically unable to develop. … Aurelien Mondon [...]

On the Fluctuating Value of Lives

Recent events have taken me back to almost a year ago. Time flies, suffering and indifference remains. What I found confirmed through these events and their reception in Australia is that we need to acknowledge equality ever more urgently. Within two weeks last year, over 750 Palestinians lost their lives in what became known as [...]