Philosophy and the Divine: God in Western Thought

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When: Thursdays 6:30-8:30PM: 28th of August – 2nd of October 2014

Philosophy and the Divine: God in Western Thought
Ross Pain & Emily Vicendese
God plays an important and fundamental role in many people’s lives. But what sort of role has God played in philosophy? How have philosophers understood notions of God and how have they used notions of God to make sense of the world and of ourselves? And why do so many philosophers today have no role for God in their understanding of the world? In this course, we will take a brief look at different perspectives on God through the ages, starting with Ancient Greece, through to the Medieval scholastic period, Enlightenment rationalism and empiricism, post-Enlightenment existentialism and today’s naturalist worldview. This course offers a fascinating journey through Western philosophical thought as well as clarifying and provoking ideas about God, ourselves and our world.

(MFU for Asylum Seekers)

When: Wednesdays 5:30pm-8:30pm: 3rd September to 8th October

Australian Society and Identity & International Development
MFU Volunteers

Australian Society and Identify: this course will examine different aspects of today’s Australian society, from families, leisure, religion, media and education, to how Australians can influence political change. Lectures are presented by academics in sociology, media studies, gender studies, education and history.

International Develoment: what are the current issues in International Development? Lecturers will have both academic and practial backgrounds in developemnt, and will examine participatory strategies, gender, health, security, migration, institutions, food sovereignty and environmental critiques.

‘Knowledge emerges only through invention and re-invention, through the restless, impatient, continuing hopeful inquiry human beings pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other’